Nature's Miracle Orphans






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The life of a wildlife carer changes daily, with each little orphan requiring individual attention, care and love.  The days are filled with rescues, vet visits, feeding,  walks and cleaning.  Wildhaven was one of a group of 6 wildlife shelters along with Healesville Sanctuary chosen  for the filming of Natures Miracle Orphans. 

The invitation to be involved with the BBC team   was  exciting  and amazing.  It was great fun to watch the film crew's reaction to the beautiful Australian Wildlife,   I was able to see what I do through their eyes, and I am thrilled you too can now see my world.  Sometimes the Australian language was too colourful, (not quite the BBC, they said which only makes me smile). This project turned out  to be something so very special.  


Welcome to Wildhaven Australia.  I hope in the future you will see more of life in the Australian bush.    Stella Reid (Wildhaven)  



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Stella Reid

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