Wildhaven is a property dedicated to caring for the unique and beautiful Australian wildlife.

Wild orphans are rescued, cared for and released back to the wild.


There are no two days the same at Wildhaven. The mornings begin with a  sequence of bottle preparations,  feeding and cleaning.    

There are  special enclosures within the larger one for possums, birds and any animal which may need to be isolated for a time.


A young (pinkie) kangaroo may be with us for eighteen months and a baby wombat as long as two years before they are developed enough to be released. 


A major part of the daily routine  is the cleaning and bandaging. This is part of  maintaining a high level of hygiene at the shelter. This starts at 6am.


The early evenings are taken up with  feeding sessions for the day (some of the younger joeys require bottles every 3-4 hours for 10 months). An injured or orphaned animal may be brought in at any time of the day or night by the general public, police or vets.   Stella also does local rescues.


A big thank you to those very kind people that donate every month, so our shelter can thrive.  A very big thank you indeed.  Sorry I cannot  get to thank you personally, but you will always be in my heart and prayers.  Since Black Saturday, your continued financial support has made life a lot easier for all of us at Wildhaven.  


 I used to admire clever people, now I admire Kind people.  I have found from experience Kindness always returns.    Stella Reid.

 I work closely with Healesville Sanctuary....they are open 365 days a year and have amazing tours.


Large groups such as Holden and Landcare do tree planting days once a year, we have planted over 1,000.00 trees since Black Saturday.  2015 Winter, we will be doing more planting.





PH  044 88 32031


Wildhaven is a registered non-profit organisation in Australia.  


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